Expand Your Diagnostic Skills with an MSN Degree

The Blood Test: The Cornerstone for Diagnoses and Therapies

Blood tests, in the field of medicine, greatly aid the doctor or nurse practitioner in treating diseases or illnesses. An msn degree can help further expand your diagnostic skills in this regard. Measuring constituents in the blood, such as acetone, glucose, lactic acid, or uric acid, helps in planning treatments and therapies. Minerals can also be tested to determine their concentration and hormones or enzymes can be tracked as well. In addition, blood gases and proteins are generally measured too.

Nursing Methodologies

Besides such exams as the blood test, nurse practitioners can also prevent and manage disease through such methodologies as:

  • Drug therapy;
  • Irridation;
  • Psychiatric treatment; or
  • Physical or occupational therapies.

A Win-Win Situation for Both the Nurse and Patient

Probably the most important aspect of treating a patient is through clinical pharmacology or drug therapy. Pharmacology covers both the chemical and physical properties, biochemical and physiological effects, and absorption, distribution, and excretion of medicines. A nurse practitioner then not only prescribes drugs to treat and prevent illnesses but also reviews their biochemical and physiological effects as well. That’s why any additional training in nursing is a practical and worthwhile undertaking. Nurses not only enhance their skills and expertise, patients also obtain better care as a result.

Dietary Therapies

In addition to pharmacology, nurses who obtain advanced training also look at nutrition or dietary regimens in therapy. There are very few diseases that do not benefit from changes in the diet. For example, in the case of kidney disease, diets are altered to account for any nutritional losses or physical abnormalities. On the other hand, cardiovascular patients often benefit from a low salt intake.

In some cases, certain items are completely eliminated from the diet, such as those foods known to cause allergic reactions like shellfish or gluten-containing foods.

Other Considerations

In addition to dietary considerations, nurse practitioners, or nurses with advanced training, can increase their effectiveness by taking courses that help them improve the measures which serve to support patient care. Treatment risks and palliative therapies all factor into this part of the healthcare equation. Needless to say, any advanced training makes it possible for nurse practitioners to enhance their professional standing.

Increasing Your Competency in the Nursing Field

So, whether your goal is to obtain an msn or phd in nursing, you can increase your knowledge by going online. One of the best colleges to consider in this regard is Catholic University of America. If your goal is to increase your effectiveness as a nurse then, you’ll be able to do so conveniently by studying online.

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